ARVADA — Arbor View Senior Living will host guest speakers from At Home Hospice to present “Understanding Hospice Care” on Thursday, June 22 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. MT.

The informative presentation will focus on medical conditions for hospice, address common questions and misperceptions about hospice and explain how to access these specialized medical services.

Arbor View Senior Living is located at 8001 W. 71st Ave. in Arvada. Refreshments will be served during the presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session for guests.

This event is free, but space is limited. Call 720-672-3196 or visit to RSVP.

About Arbor View Senior Living
Arbor View Senior Living is a Colorado-based retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, and respite care services for seniors aged 55+. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood situated atop Hackberry Hill, the 13-acre campus offers a serene retirement lifestyle with breathtaking mountain views and is within a short driving distance of Olde Town Arvada’s retail shops, restaurants, parks, and performing art venues. Arbor View is managed by WellAge Senior Living, a respected senior care management company.

Robert Benjamin Jordan is enjoying a carefree retirement cruising around the quiet neighborhood surrounding Arbor View Senior Living on his electric scooter and making new friends playing bingo. An actor, artist, and published author, he especially likes the added convenience of living next to the Arvada Center, where he can attend theater performances and has taken art classes.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Robert attended St. Francis de Sales High School and Mesa Junior College in Grand Junction before being drafted into the United States Army. He served as a medic in Puerto Rico for two years, then began a career in aerospace until retiring in 2010 for the second time. Robert, a widower, has two adult children and three adult stepchildren. His extended family includes 15 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, most of whom live nearby.

Robert has always been enthusiastic about the performing arts and has acted in everything from musicals to melodramas. He is also a writer with a collection of essays about how his experiences shaped his views on religion, politics, and the world. His first full-length fiction novel, Stumble and Sting, is an old-west adventure about an unlikely partnership between two misfit would-be bounty hunters whose comical ineptness and bad luck keep them from finding much success but ultimately become the best of friends.

“It’s a humorous feel-good story about learning to trust and friendship,” Robert said.

Robert finds inspiration from his own life experiences, and after moving to Arbor View, his head is swirling with story ideas for his next book. Though he hasn’t put pen to paper yet, he’s taking full advantage of Arbor View’s amenities and prime location, which provides opportunities to indulge his love of theater, art, and literature.

To give back to his new friends and neighbors, Robert donated copies of his novel, novellas, collection of essays, and books about sports to Arbor View’s library, and he will be doing a presentation at Arbor View to share his aspiration of writing.

Arbor View is committed to supporting residents’ interests and finding creative ways to reignite their passions and highlight their achievements – making it a great place to retire.

Call 303-268-4747 today to see what the next chapter of your retirement holds at Arbor View. We’re always looking for new residents to be part of our senior living community’s story.

ARVADA — Arbor View Senior Living will host Elisa Guida, professional senior realtor/planner from Guida Homes, to present “Moving with Ease” on Wednesday, May 31 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, Guida is uniquely qualified to help older adults looking to retire, downsize, or join a senior living community, and can help with everything from start to finish during the home-selling process.

Members of the public are invited to visit the Arbor View Senior Living campus, located at 8001 W. 71st Ave. in Arvada, for this free event. Lunch will be served during the presentation followed by a question-and-answer session for guests.

Call April Boh at 720-672-3196 or visit to RSVP.

About Arbor View Senior Living
Arbor View Senior Living is a Colorado-based retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, and respite care services for seniors aged 55+. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood situated atop Hackberry Hill, the 13-acre campus offers a serene retirement lifestyle with breathtaking mountain views and is within a short driving distance of Olde Town Arvada’s retail shops, restaurants, parks, and performing art venues. Arbor View is managed by WellAge Senior Living, a respected senior care management company.

Senior woman spending quality time with her adult daughter discussing senior living options

While it may be uncomfortable or you think there’s no hurry, it’s beneficial for seniors and their families to start exploring various senior living options before it becomes a need, such as in a moment of crisis, injury, or illness.

As difficult as it may feel, planning or at least exploring senior housing while loved ones are healthy and independent can help reduce stress if a move becomes necessary to ensure someone’s quality of life in later years.

1. It can be dangerous to live alone

As seniors age, they experience an increased risk of accidents from even the most mundane household tasks—from doing yardwork to sweeping floors to folding laundry. As immune systems weaken, less hygienic conditions become even more dangerous, and walking down a slippery driveway to retrieve the mail can lead to a fall that limits mobility. By understanding your loved one’s senior living preferences and concerns now, you can be more confident they’ll stay safe in the years to come.

2. Living in a community makes it easier to stay social

Senior living communities make it easier for older adults to socialize in groups, engage with others, express themselves and discover new interests. Feeling isolated can have a negative impact on seniors’ physical and emotional health, and research shows that loneliness and depression can shorten one’s lifespan. Ensuring proximity to social events, activities, classes, and friends can help your loved one ward off isolation, particularly common after late-in-life events like retirement or the loss of a spouse.

3. A hurried decision can lead to financial mistakes

It’s important for seniors to reserve enough time to choose the right senior living community for them, considering their finances, available housing types, and possible locations. With many kinds of senior housing serving many different needs—including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities—it’s a good idea to start researching now. Looking at the big picture early on will give you and your loved one some idea of what is affordable down the road, without running into financial trouble.

4. It can be difficult to sell your home

Any last-ditch decision about senior living can be a potential drain on you and your loved one’s time, resources, and finances. While downsizing in real estate is typically good for the pocketbook, it’s important for your loved one to sell in a market that will maximize their original investment. Seniors who try to navigate the process alone may fall for an unscrupulous or predatory broker.

To experience our newly renovated independent and assisted living community up close, visit or call our team at 303-268-4747 and schedule your personal tour today.

Mature senior couple smiling and unpacking moving boxes in their new apartment at a senior living community

Transitioning to a senior living community can evoke many emotions. While you’re probably excited to start a new chapter of life, you may also feel nervous at the thought of leaving a longtime home, downsizing your personal belongings, or adjusting to a new routine. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. There are several steps that you and your loved ones can take to ease the transition and help you adjust to your new home.

1. Get to know your new community

The thought of changing your daily routine may seem stressful. To reduce any feelings of worry, learn what the day-to-day schedule will look like in your new community. Knowing this will give you a better understanding of what to expect before settling into your new home.

2. Ask questions

The best way to get answers to all the questions you have is by talking to members of the community’s team and current residents. Spend time with team members before moving in, take a tour, and speak to a marketing or leasing person about the details. These individuals will help you begin your exploration process and give you a sense of the community’s culture.

3. Get involved

Frequent social activities are one of the best amenities senior living communities have to offer, so be sure to take advantage of your community’s social calendar as you move in. Many communities have welcoming committees and special events specifically designed for new residents. You should also look at the community calendar each day and pick activities or events you’d like to attend.

4. Make yourself at home

Personalizing your residence is an easy way to begin making your new community feel like home. Adorn your walls with pictures of loved ones and display favorite art pieces and other keepsakes. Pillows, throw blankets and rugs will make your space feel more comfortable as well. Ask family members to help you shop for some of these items and then spend an afternoon having fun together decorating and organizing your belongings.

5. Stay in touch

In addition to hosting events and activities for residents, senior living communities often invite your entire family and outside guests who may be considering a move to the community. Including your loved ones in this way helps you stay in touch with them on a regular basis. Maintaining a bond with the people who provide you with a sense of familiarity will help you continue feeling like part of the family, even after you’ve moved into a new community.

To experience our retirement community up close, visit or call our team at 303-268-4747 and schedule your personal tour today.

Side view of a happy senior woman smiling while painting with watercolors as a recreational activity outdoors at a retirement community with a group of other retired women

Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids anymore. National Craft Month encourages everyone to focus on their creative side and make something purely for enjoyment. People of all ages, especially older adults, can physically and mentally benefit from participating in craft-related activities. In fact, many retirement communities provide a vibrant activities calendar with plenty of creative outlets that are not only fun but offer some surprising health benefits.

Drawing, sewing, and model building are all crafty activities that improve hand-eye coordination and strengthen fine motor movements like dexterity. Research shows that crafting and making art stimulates the production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that creates feelings of pleasure and enjoyment and can lessen pain levels. Creating art has also been clinically shown to reduce stress-related hormones in the body, prompting a physical response like muscle relaxation and lower blood pressure.

The biggest boost to seniors’ health from arts and crafts is mental. Regardless of the medium, painting with watercolors or designing a homemade birthday card, research shows arts and crafts improve mood and increase self-confidence. Artmaking may boost older adults’ self-esteem and overall well-being by challenging them to learn new skills, create something unique, and take pride in a finished project. Crafting is also beneficial for those living with depression or insomnia and can help improve mental acuity, thereby reducing the risk of developing dementia.

Residents of Arbor View Senior Living really enjoy our “Art Galore” classes. These weekly sessions allow residents to work with new and interesting mediums like clay, paper mâché, or collage and participate in community bonding activities like making decorations for an upcoming event or holiday celebration.

Providing the materials, opportunity, and inviting space for residents to gather for creative endeavors is one of the many benefits of living in a 55+ retirement community like Arbor View. Our full-time Life Enrichment Director loves coming up with new art-related programs and creative outlets that foster socialization and camaraderie and encourage our senior residents to explore their creativity and let their imaginations flow.  Plus, the maintenance-free lifestyle affords them more time to indulge in new hobbies and interests and boost their overall health.

Ready to start “crafting” your perfect retirement? Call 303-268-4747 and schedule your personal tour today. We’re always looking for more makers and DIY enthusiasts to join our independent and assisted living community.

ARVADA — Arbor View Senior Living will host a Grand Reopening to celebrate its newly renovated independent and assisted living community on Wednesday, March 15 from 4-6 p.m.

Members of the public are invited to visit Arbor View Senior Living, located at 8001 W. 71st Ave. in Arvada, to discover the best-kept secret in senior housing. Guests will enjoy live entertainment, chef-prepared appetizers, drinks, giveaways, and guided community tours.

Renovations include upgrades throughout the residences and common areas, including new flooring, carpet, artwork, and furniture. The lobby features a new double-sided fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining area offer breathtaking views of the foothills. A private dining room was added for families and special events, along with a new movie theater.

Opened in 1964, Arbor View Senior Living offers 54 independent living and 36 assisted living residences, featuring a choice of studio and one-bedroom apartments with private patios. The 13-acre campus is nestled in a residential neighborhood surrounded by mature trees, walking paths, and gardens, offering convenient access to the outdoors.

This event is free and open to the public, but an RSVP is requested. For more information or to RSVP, call 720-672-3196 or visit: On-site parking is available with additional street parking nearby.

About Arbor View Senior Living
Arbor View Senior Living is a Colorado-based retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, and respite care services for seniors aged 55+. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood situated atop Hackberry Hill, the 13-acre campus offers a serene retirement lifestyle with breathtaking mountain views and is within a short driving distance of Olde Town Arvada’s retail shops, restaurants, parks, and performing art venues. Arbor View is managed by WellAge Senior Living, a respected senior care management company.

A healthy, collaborative conversation between aging parents and adult children about senior living options begins with everyone sitting down at the table, talking about quality of life issues, learning about different types of senior communities, exploring the lifestyles offered by each — and doing it together.

A good senior living community provides care when needed, a vibrant social calendar, a sense of encouraging both independence and peace of mind, ample opportunity to socialize with peers, more time spent enjoying life, and less time on home maintenance.

If you are considering a conversation about a move, these steps will help you start the conversation off on the right foot.

Evaluate the Situation

Changes in an older adult’s health needs, mobility or cognition can impact their personal safety and their ability to handle household responsibilities. If this is the case, a move to senior living could be a good solution for everyone.

Prepare for the Conversation

During your conversation, have as much relevant information on hand as you can, like which communities have apartments available, whether all-inclusive pricing options exist, and which communities can fulfill certain care needs.

Involve Everyone

Always follow the parents’ lead in the conversation! While adult children may recognize signs it’s time for a move, it’s essential that everyone be on board as much as possible. Ideally, both adult children and their parents can have a say in the final decision, which will ultimately make everyone feel more secure.

Offer Help to Decide

Adult children and their parents should work together to make a pros and cons list for moving versus staying at home; this may help put things in perspective financially, practically, and emotionally. Together, you can discuss priorities and explore a range of communities while identifying options and benefits. Visit Communities Together:

Visiting a senior living community together is a key part of the decision process. Explore different options in person and get a feel for what life is like. If the older adult has a friend in senior living, try setting up a visit with them, or contact a community to book a personal tour.

When having this conversation, be sure to gather all the necessary facts and information about communities of interest and think of the additional points you want to know more about. And most of all, be sure to visit a variety of senior living communities in person!

To experience our community up close, visit or call our team at 303-268-4747 and schedule your personal tour today.

Arbor View Sweethearts Bob and Flossie Rowley Discuss Their 73-Year Marriage

Arbor View Senior Living residents Bob and Flossie Rowley will celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary in August. The couple quickly fell in love after their first date and following a whirlwind courtship, embarked on their life together. Along the way, they faced challenges but always stayed connected by holding on to their faith in each other and God.

Flossie’s brother introduced her to Bob at a Youth for Christ event in Denver. They were very active in their respective churches and after encountering each other a few more times at faith-based events, Bob asked Flossie out on a date.

“We went rolling skating, something very popular then, and had a very good time. I was definitely interested in a second date,” said Flossie. As luck would have it, Bob was too and two months later, he proposed!

The couple opted for a simple ceremony wearing matching navy blue suits instead of traditional wedding attire. They soon started a family and Bob was offered a job in Kansas, so they packed up their belongings and headed east. The position didn’t work out and the couple soon found themselves back in Denver where Flossie gave birth to the first of their six children.

In 1957 Bob, who had served in the National Guard, volunteered for the draft and was stationed in Chicago so the family left Colorado again. After Bob was discharged, they returned to Denver and became members of Youth for Christ again and the whole family was very active in their church.

When most of the children were grown, Bob and Flossie, who had always enjoyed camping, purchased a KOA campground in Strasburg, Colorado, and started a new life there. Disappointed when their business venture did not work out as they hoped, the couple left it behind and started new careers back in Denver until they decided it was time to retire and made their way to Arbor View drawn by the beautiful views all around and the many services and amenities it offered.

Bob and Flossie’s marriage remains strong thanks to their devotion to each other and their faith in God.

“Bob still tells me he loves me often and we have always tried to put God first in all things. By trusting in the Lord we are able to keep going strong,” said Flossie.

Bob and Flossie’s love story is inspiring and we will continue supporting them with everything they need to enjoy their lives here. Our community is ideal for singles and couples with modern studio and one-bedroom apartments and services and amenities that can be customized to meet residents’ individual needs. Our community calendar offers a variety of activities and events for couples to socialize with other couples but also pursue their individual hobbies and interests.

If you and your spouse/partner are looking for the ideal place to retire, come see everything our community has to offer in services, amenities, and lifestyle. Call 303-268-4747 or visit our website to schedule a personalized tour.

For caregivers of older adults, taking a break from time to time is critical to avoid becoming overly exhausted and stressed, which can affect your personal health and ability to provide your loved one with the best possible care.

Research has found that personal timeouts or breaks, when taken regularly, can contribute to a caregiver’s overall effectiveness. Respite from daily caregiving helps to prevent burnout by allowing you to attend to your life outside of caregiving, including your career, home, family, and personal needs. Afterward, you can return to caregiving feeling refreshed and rested, physically, mentally, emotionally, and perhaps with an entirely new perspective on care.

To serve this need for respite, many senior living communities provide short, or longer-term respite stays or temporary housing and care specifically for seniors. This allows their caregiver to take a vacation or a break from their daily responsibilities. Short-term stays at a comfortable and welcoming community can also serve as a great resource for seniors recovering from an injury or a hospital stay, or for those interested in a trial stay before making a final decision about moving into the community as a resident.

Along with assisted living and specialized care services delivered by the on-site care team at most senior living communities, a respite care stay provides your loved one with the freedom to enjoy many services and amenities. At Arbor View Senior Living, the list is long and includes a furnished apartment, nutritious meals served daily, access to a full continuum of care and outside services like home health, hospice, physical therapy, housekeeping and laundry services, a beauty salon, wellness center, scheduled transportation, activities and events.

In addition to quality respite care, Arbor View has precautionary measures in place to help ensure that our residents, including short-term guests for respite stays, remain safe and healthy while staying with us. With a respite stay at Arbor View, you’ll know your loved one is well cared for, enabling you to take time for self-care, whether that means going on vacation, engaging in your favorite hobby, or meeting up with old friends.

If you’re interested in arranging a respite stay for your loved one in one of Arbor View’s assisted living apartments, give us a call today at 303-268-4747 or schedule a tour online.


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