Wearing one of his colorful creations, Jim enjoys a meal with his daughters Suzanne and Nancy.

Since Father’s Day is in June it seems timely to highlight a dad who lives here.

A New Jersey native, Jim moved into a studio apartment at Arbor View Senior Living in December of 2023. He came from another senior community in Arvada, and before that, he had lived in Wheatridge for almost 60 years. He questioned whether living in a studio apartment would have enough space, but says it’s been wonderful. His view is great, and he spends time in other areas within the community and goes outside the community to visit places he enjoys.

Jim feels fortunate to be close to his two adult daughters who live in the area, and he often spends time with them. One of his daughters helped him to find his new home at Arbor View.

Jim has been curious and active all his life. He’s had two careers and lots of hobbies and interests. He was a high school English teacher and later became a realtor. He enjoys gardening, playing pool, and getting out to visit places like the Botanic Gardens. He’s an avid reader and he’s studying Spanish these days. A unique passion he discovered in his 30s was sewing.

After his mom gave him a sewing machine, he realized he loved to sew. His first project? A pair of Bermuda shorts with pockets, zipper, and a lining. He was hooked. During his real estate career, he wore a shirt he’d made to a closing, and it was a hit. From that day forward he had the nickname, “Shirts.”

He’s made clothes for his entire family, one year making pajama bottoms for everyone. He’s sewn the same dress pattern with different fabrics for all his granddaughters, and he made one of his daughters a reversible jacket. He’s even helped others to sew their own tee shirts.

Talking with Jim on the phone, you’d never guess he was 88. And one of the first things Jim tells you is how lucky he’s been in life. It may be true, but it’s also been said that “Luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” (author, Brian Tracy). It’s fair to say that Jim has followed that pattern to the tee.

This Father’s Day, Jim will enjoy two outings, one with each daughter. We wish him, and all the dads out there, a very happy Father’s Day.

Ready to see if Arbor View is a good “fit” for you or your loved one’s future? Come by, visit, meet residents like Jim, and learn more about our tailored approach to senior living. Call 303-268-4747 or visit arborviewsl.com to schedule your personalized tour today.

ARVADA — Arbor View Senior Living will host “Moving with Ease,” a spring lunch and learn featuring Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Elisa Guida on Wed., May 22 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Guests are invited to visit Arbor View Senior Living, located at 8001 W. 71st Ave., where Guida will discuss the home-selling process for active adults looking to retire, downsize, or join a senior living community. A complimentary lunch will be served following the informational presentation.

This event is free and open to the public, but an RSVP is required, and attendance will be limited to 10 guests. To register, call 303-268-4747 or visit arborviewsl.com/events.

About Arbor View Senior Living
Arbor View Senior Living is a Colorado-based retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, and respite care services for seniors aged 55+. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood situated atop Hackberry Hill, the 13-acre campus offers a serene retirement lifestyle with breathtaking mountain views and is within a short driving distance of Olde Town Arvada’s retail shops, restaurants, parks, and performing art venues. Arbor View is managed by WellAge Senior Living, a respected senior care management company.

As a loved one ages, it’s natural to consider alternative living arrangements to enhance their quality of life. Many seniors and families start this process by researching assisted living communities. But what exactly is assisted living, when is it time to consider this living option, and what are the benefits?

Assisted living is a type of residential care that provides support for seniors who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, grooming, medication management, or preparing meals. Seniors who receive this level of care can communicate their needs but don’t require the intensive and round-the-clock medical care often provided in nursing homes.

This living option emphasizes autonomy and fosters independence while providing extra peace of mind for residents and families who know that additional assistance and personalized care are available if, and when, it’s needed.

Seniors and families should consider assisted living when several factors become apparent: an individual needs help with ADLs; the risk of falls increases; health challenges; cognitive decline; and importantly, social isolation.

If your friend or family member encounters difficulties with activities such as personal hygiene or meal preparation, it could indicate that an assisted living community might provide the assistance they require. Many assisted living communities offer restaurant-style dining and chef-prepared meals to ensure residents receive proper nutrition without the hassles of shopping and cooking.

Safety is always a concern for seniors who are prone to falls and other injuries. In assisted living communities, residents may have an emergency call device like a pendant as well as call buttons in their apartments and daily check-ins from team members to ensure they are generally in good health.

If your loved one’s health or cognitive function has declined, they may require more assistance than you can provide at home. Many assisted living communities offer specialized care services like skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation, and memory care for those living with Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

Depression and social isolation are common for seniors who live alone. Study after study highlights that being around others and socializing at some level is imperative to a senior’s health and well-being. Assisted living communities offer an array of life enrichment activities and opportunities for residents to socialize and engage like painting, playing board games, going to live musical performances, daily exercise, and educational forums.

If your loved one is beginning to exhibit signs that they require additional care, assisted living could provide the necessary support within a stimulating and autonomous setting. By researching assisted living communities now, you’ll ensure your loved one has options to age well, even if their needs change. It’s much less disruptive to get additional support in the environment you live in than to move later in life.

Your Senior Care Partner

At Arbor View Senior Living in Arvada, we help families find the best living situation to meet their loved one’s needs. Call 303-268-4747 or contact us online if you have questions about independent or assisted living or would like to schedule a personalized tour.

Transitioning to Senior Living: Four Tips for a Smooth Move

If you’re transitioning to a senior living community, you are probably excited to start a new chapter of life. However, you might also feel nervous at the thought of leaving a longtime home. Know that it’s perfectly normal to feel the pangs of change, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be happy in your new community. Here are four steps you and your loved ones can take to ease the transition and adjust to your new home.

Get to know your new community

Most of us have our daily routines, so the thought of changing things up and moving somewhere new may feel stressful. One way to get answers to any questions about your new community is talking to staff. At Arbor View Independent and Assisted Living, we invite prospective residents to spend time with our team before moving in, which begins when you visit to learn more about our community, take a tour, and speak to our leasing department about details. You can also ask our team to put you in touch with the community’s residents, which will help you start building relationships right away.

Get involved

Frequent social activities are one of the best amenities senior living communities have to offer, so be sure to take advantage of your community’s social calendar as soon as you move in. Communities like Arbor View Independent and Assisted Living often maintain community social calendars so you can pick activities or events you’d like to attend. Be sure to look into clubs, volunteer opportunities and other community groups that may be of interest, too.

Make yourself at home

When it comes to your home space, your personal belongings tell a story and reflect who you are. For that reason, Arbor View Independent and Assisted Living allows residents to bring their personal furnishings to ensure a comfortable stay. Feel free to adorn your walls with pictures of loved ones and display favorite art pieces and other keepsakes on shelves and furniture. Decorative pillows, throw blankets and rugs will make your living space feel more comfortable as well.

Stay in touch

Senior living communities don’t host activities and events solely for residents. Communities like Arbor View also host occasional gatherings for your entire family and outside guests who may be considering a move. Invite your loved ones to these events and our team members will help you keep in touch with them on a regular basis, whether via phone, email, Zoom calls or social media. Maintaining a bond with the people who provide you with a sense of familiarity will help you continue feeling like part of the family even in a new community.

At Arbor View Independent and Assisted Living, we’re committed to helping our residents live well and age well. This means that from the moment you enter the lobby, we want to ensure you not only feel comfortable but also feel at home. If you have questions about transitioning to senior living or would like to learn more about what our community offers to help ease your transition, call 303-268-4747 to speak with one of our team members.

When deciding where to live, location is paramount. While those pursuing careers and raising families might concentrate on public transportation and schools, older adults are often focused on access to good health services, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

When searching for a senior living community, it’s important to focus on the type of retirement lifestyle you desire, which will help determine what location will make you the happiest and set you up for success.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the best location for your retirement:


Are you looking for an urban environment within walking distance of downtown or a calmer area that’s off the beaten path? Many retirees seek a community that offers the best of both worlds, one that’s away from constant traffic and noise, but still close to stores, art venues, and recreational opportunities.

Arbor View Senior Living is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood situated atop Hackberry Hill far removed from the hustle and bustle of Denver. Surrounded by trees, walking paths, and gardens, residents enjoy sweeping views of the foothills with convenient access to the outdoors. A quick seven-minute drive away, Olde Town Arvada is home to quaint stores that sell pottery and jewelry, craft breweries, and the Sunday Farmers’ Market, making it a great place to spend the day, grab a meal, or catch a free summer concert.


Is your ideal day spent playing a leisurely round of golf? Or do you prefer to frequent art galleries and attend live musical performances? Maybe you like spending your time equally on active outdoor pursuits and cultural outings.

Just down the street from Arbor View, the Indian Tree Golf Club is part of the Apex Park and Recreational District, which includes several nearby recreational centers and swimming pools. Seniors get discounted memberships and passes, too.

For those who enjoy the performing arts, the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities is nearby and with frequent theater performances, concerts, art shows, dance and art classes, there is no end to the educational and cultural activities you can enjoy.  It’s also a great place to take visiting family members or plan a fun outing with friends.


Once you’ve found a location that appeals to your pace, lifestyle, and the things you enjoy doing, it’s time to evaluate what your new retirement community has to offer in day-to-day living. Studies link our surroundings to our level of happiness. Being close to nature in a peaceful environment reduces stress and boosts your mood for better overall physical and mental health.

Arbor View offers comfortable and quiet community areas to relax, and all apartments are located on ground level with private patios for easy access to our beautifully maintained outdoor spaces. Residents also benefit from our full calendar of life enrichment activities and social programming designed with residents’ interests in mind.

A move to Arbor View meets the needs for a quiet setting without compromising good access to culture and healthcare, the best of all worlds.

Considering a move to senior living? See for yourself what Arbor View Senior Living has to offer in location, services and amenities. Call 303-268-4747 or schedule a tour online today.

Five Benefits of Living Smaller

Thinking about redefining your retirement lifestyle? Considering a retirement community can be an arduous task. Yet, it presents a unique opportunity: embracing a simpler lifestyle can yield a richer experience, especially when streamlining your living space within an active senior community.

For example, many people understand the importance of aligning your lifestyle with your core values and priorities. In this context, downsizing your living space within a senior community might initially seem like a step backward, but it’s a stride toward new advantages. By downsizing your living space, you’ll open doors to a plethora of expanded benefits. Below, we dive into just a few perks of upsizing your retirement lifestyle by living smaller. 

1. Liberating Your Time – A Boon for Retirement Living

With streamlined, maintenance-free living spaces, residents in a 55+ community gain precious time for what truly matters. Participating in community wellness programs, fostering friendships, or pursuing personal hobbies without the hassle of home upkeep. In addition to more time, residents don’t have to worry about cluttered spaces, losing their most valuable items, and the carefree attitude that comes with a minimalist lifestyle. You’ll spend time doing things you enjoy, not maintaining a home.

2. Practical Living – Simplifying Retirement Spaces

In downsized apartments, you create a space that reflects your personality without overwhelming clutter. At Arbor View Senior Living, our detailed studio and one-bedroom floor plans can assist in visualizing and designing your cozy haven.

3. Accessible Care – Vital for Retirement Living Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with easy access to amenities that support good health, including fitness facilities, activities, and connections with others. Imagine being able to hit the gym within a short walk away. No more treadmills or weights gathering dust in your garage. The best part? If you do need help, it’s close by.

4. Tailored Lifestyle – Crafting Retirement Community Connections

Embrace a social lifestyle within a lively community. Inviting places like the theater, library, and outdoor patios foster connections, ensuring you’re never alone unless you choose to be.

5. Enriched Living Experience – Elevating Retirement Living Beyond Space

At Arbor View Senior Living, downsizing isn’t merely about space; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling life. From communal dining to a diverse calendar of social and cultural events, residents can discover the perfect environment for a successful senior move

Selecting the Ideal Retirement Residence for You

Discovering the beauty of downsizing isn’t just about physical space—it’s about expanding horizons and embracing a lifestyle that matters to you. More than relinquishing square footage; it’s about gaining the freedom to immerse yourself in meaningful connections, activities, and a carefree existence.

At Arbor View Senior Living, downsizing doesn’t equate to sacrifice; rather, it unleashes you from the burdens of home upkeep and clutter. We envision a home as more than just a place for relaxation; it should be where shared laughter, engaging conversations, and cherished moments with friends find their space.

Ready to discuss your options for retirement? Call 303-268-4747 or visit our website and schedule a personalized tour to see for yourself everything our community has to offer.

Transitioning to a 55+ retirement community can be exciting and perhaps daunting. To ensure a well-planned and coordinated move to your new apartment, it’s important to plan for contingencies. Check out this list of best practices to help you navigate the moving process with ease.

Enlist a Senior Moving Company

Ask your realtor to recommend local businesses that specialize in later-life moves. You can also visit the National Association of Senior Move Managers’ website to find resources in your area. NASMM members specialize in helping older adults and their families navigate the process of organizing, downsizing, and relocating. They also offer services like house cleaning, auctions/estate sales, selecting a realtor, and preparing your home for prospective buyers. Utilizing a senior mover can help reduce stress and may save you money – a win-win!

Take Inventory of Your Home

Having a detailed plan can streamline the downsizing process. Start by taking inventory of your belongings and decide which items you can let go. Determine if selling or donating is the best option and create separate piles for each category; be mindful when shopping for new household items. Contact the sales team at your new senior living community and request a floor plan with measurements of your residence to help determine the layout and what pieces will fit.

Ask Family & Friends for Help

Whether you need assistance paring down and packing your belongings or finding the right senior move manager for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends and family for help. Transitioning to a senior lifestyle community is a major life change for everyone, so it can be comforting for loved ones to take an active role in the process.

Timing is Everything

Timing can be a critical factor in planning a successful move to independent living. What if your house doesn’t sell right away? What if it sells too quickly? Take advantage of flexible leasing options and ask the sales team at your new community about any special programs they may offer residents who need additional time to sell their homes or downsize their belongings. Having a guarantee that the apartment you selected will be available when you are ready to move in can offer greater peace of mind and add an extra layer of confidence to your planning process.

Thinking about downsizing or selling your home? Call Arbor View Senior Living at 303-268-4747 to speak with a member of our experienced sales team who can help guide you through the process and ensure a successful move built around your timeline.

What’s the Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

As we age, the choice of where to spend our golden years becomes paramount. Arbor View offers distinct options for its residents: independent living and assisted living. Independent living at Arbor View is designed for those who wish to live life on their terms. In contrast, assisted living provides a nurturing environment for those requiring additional support, while maintaining the balance between independence and care. 

Let’s explore the unique facets of each below. 

Embracing Autonomy & Nurturing Support

Independent living is for those who relish the freedom to manage their daily lives without the additional hassles of homeownership. At Arbor View, residents reside in spacious apartments, with plenty of legroom, as they recognize the importance of an active and engaging retirement. With a large campus and spread-out amenities, residents can soak in the breathtaking views of Arvada’s mountain landscape. The independent living spaces are crafted for the 55+ demographic who might desire an environment that aligns with their values and aspirations.

In contrast, assisted living provides a compassionate solution for those requiring assistance with activities of daily living. Assisted living is designed to maintain residents’ cognitive abilities so they can thrive in an environment and actively participate in community activities while receiving the support required. 


A key distinction between independent and assisted living lies in the approach to safety. In independent living safety measures are in place, but the emphasis is on promoting self-reliance. Emergency call buttons and regular check-ins provide peace of mind while preserving residents’ autonomy. 

In assisted living, safety is approached with a more personalized touch. Arbor View ensures that residents in assisted living have access to emergency assistance buttons, accompanied by a heightened level of support. The community strives to provide not just a secure environment but also one that is tailored to the unique needs of individuals including enhanced lighting and easy-to-navigate walking paths. 

Socialization and Activities

Arbor View distinguishes itself by fostering a community where socialization and activities take center stage. From group fitness classes to art workshops, independent living options are designed for those who wish to live an active lifestyle true to its Coloradan roots. With transportation services, events, and planned social hours, there are plenty of opportunities for connection. 

In assisted living, residents still have access to a wide range of engaging activities designed to enhance their quality of life. Trained staff members will go the extra mile by facilitating meaningful interactions, ensuring every resident can enjoy a purposeful social life while receiving the support they need.

A Compassionate Environment

For those who appreciate the beauty of self-directed living, Arbor View can be a haven. The community understands many retirees are seeking more than just a place to stay – they want an environment that resonates with their values, interests, and the desire for self-sufficiency. 

Arbor View also recognizes that everyone’s needs are unique, and for those who require additional support, assisted living is an option. Residents can find comfort in a community that values independence but will provide the necessary assistance for a more secure lifestyle. 

In closing, Arbor View is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where both independent and assisted living residents can thrive, and call Arbor View their home. 

Want to learn more about Independent Living or Assisted Living options at Arbor View? Call 303-268-4747 or visit our website and schedule a personalized tour to see for yourself everything our community has to offer.

November is a time to reflect and give thanks to our friends, family, and our nation’s veterans. Arbor View Senior Living is honored to have several retired veterans and their spouses living at our veteran-proud retirement community. One of those residents is Ray, who served in the United States Navy.

Setting Sail

Ray’s military journey began in the spring of 1953 when he underwent a pre-induction physical. At the time, he faced a choice: join the Army or seek a different path. Ray had a clear preference — he’d rather be in a warm bed than a muddy trench. So when the Navy offered to induct him on July 5, 1953, he seized the opportunity. 

After completing boot camp, Ray was shipped to Norman, Oklahoma, where he was responsible for cooking for his fellow sailors. This 13-week stint paved the way for his next assignment – airman training, which lasted an additional 13 weeks. After completing his training, Ray got to choose a specialty and he opted for photography, attending a three-month course in Pensacola, Florida.

Washington, D.C., and Beyond

Ray’s military service took him to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., from 1954 to 1957. During this time, he was involved in photographic imaging to test the structural integrity of various objects. This work included capturing high-speed images of airplanes flying at 600 mph and simulating scenarios involving buildings and other structures. It was during this time that he married his wife and witnessed President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s inauguration.

Ray retired from the military on July 5, 1957, and started a new chapter in Kansas. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting and worked for the State of Colorado from 1961 to 1990 after passing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

Life at Arbor View

In June 2023, Ray moved to Arbor View following his adult children’s suggestion. They researched various retirement communities and chose Arbor View for its exceptional value and commitment to providing an enriching environment for residents. Ray shares how the chef-prepared meals, tacos and pork sirloin specifically, are some of his favorites to enjoy with his wife with whom he shares an apartment.

“We enjoy lunch and dinner and scheduled rides to medical appointments together. We always go to each other’s appointments, every time,” says Ray.

In addition to the amenities and supportive services, Ray appreciates the exercise classes at Arbor View, noting, “I enjoy them because I can work on my balance when moving around — it’s important to keep yourself steady.”

Ray has also found camaraderie with fellow neighbors, like his friend Tom, who served in the United States Army. The men connect through their shared experiences of service and sacrifice.

Arbor View’s team members support residents with military backgrounds by helping them learn about, and apply for, the Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance benefit.* Designed to provide financial assistance to veterans and their spouses who need assistance with activities of daily living, this financial benefit can significantly offset senior living expenses.

This Veterans Day, we salute Ray, Tom, and all the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country and preserved the freedom and security we all cherish.

Are you or someone you know a veteran or surviving spouse in search of a senior living community? Call 303-268-4747 or visit arborviewsl.com to schedule a personalized tour and learn more about what Arbor View’s veteran-proud community offers.

*Please note that Arbor View cannot determine eligibility for Veterans’ Benefits; only the Veterans Administration can determine an applicant’s eligibility.

ARVADA — In honor of Veterans Day, Arbor View Senior Living, located at 8001 W. 71st Ave. in Arvada, proudly announces a limited-time promotion for senior veterans. Veterans and surviving spouses can secure 50% OFF* their first full month’s rent when they take possession of a newly renovated independent living studio by November 15, 2023.

“We have a number of veterans who currently live in our community, and this promotion is a salute to those who’ve served our country and a warm welcome to our veteran-proud senior living community,” said April Boh, Community Relations Director.

Arbor View Senior Living, managed by WellAge Senior Living, offers 55+ seniors an array of amenities and supportive services and removes the burden of home maintenance. Floor plans feature private, walk-out patios and residents have access to restaurant-style dining; housekeeping and laundry services; wellness programs and social activities; medication assistance; scheduled transportation; exercise and therapy spaces; a salon; storage and easy parking; outdoor walking paths, and community gardens. Additional community benefits include a theater, library, beauty salon, and pet-friendly campus.

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood and just a short drive from Old Towne Arvada, Arbor View is conveniently located near restaurants, major grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail shopping. The community is near the Arvada Center for the Arts and Indian Tree Golf Club with breathtaking views of the Foothills and downtown Denver.

For more information or to schedule a tour, call 720-672-3196. *conditions apply

About Arbor View Senior Living
Arbor View Senior Living is a Colorado-based retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, and respite care services for seniors aged 55+. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood situated atop Hackberry Hill, the 13-acre campus offers a serene retirement lifestyle with breathtaking mountain views and is within a short driving distance of Olde Town Arvada’s retail shops, restaurants, parks, and performing art venues. Arbor View is managed by WellAge Senior Living, a respected senior care management company.


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